piątek, 23 maja 2014

The Amber Tablecloth

Several years ago I got a beautiful gift: a little coffee table made especially for me from pine. I decided that as wonderful table deserves as charming tablecloth. So I started to create it.

I decided to use not white linen but ecru to harmonize with warm colour of the table. The design of embroidery was inspirited by some pattern from a magazine.
May I introduce one of my favourite tablecloth which I have made. Here there is The Amber Tablecloth. The name comes from real amber stones I used to make a lace around it.
The Amber Tablecloth
The middle of this work is some piece of embroidery: a sprig of wild roses with mayweed.
The central sprig
Around the sprig there are five posies of small roses. All embroidered with écru silk. And it was the easy part of may work. It takes may be two or three hours. Then I started tatting…
One of posies
The trim is a tatting lace made of ecru cotton and sixty little amber stones. It took me so much time to finish it that I can hardly say how much. 
The lace with amber
Many times I was close to give up. I was tired, bored and full of doubts. But fortunately I made it and saying immodestly: I am very proud of myself.

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