niedziela, 15 czerwca 2014

Hexagonal tablets weaving

My first meeting with weaving was tablet weaving. I like making trims. Although in the beginning I didn't understand how it works at all. I couldn't understand the way patterns appear. Now I know much more, but I'm pretty sure it can surprise me.
Just before going to Czersk Rosamar asked me to do two trims: one for her and one for her husband. The trim for Blondi wasn’t very complicated but Rosamar chose the pattern which has to be done with hexagonal tablets.
How to prepare hexagonal tablets
First problem: I don't have hexagonal tablets. I thought about it almost whole night and just before falling asleep I realized I had my niece's old books made of hard lacquered cardboard as children books are usually made of.
So I cut one book into hexagonal pieces.

One of tablets
The most difficult thing is the warp. I hate doing it. The trim was made with twenty four tablets, each six holes it means 576 threads. Horror.
Ready to weave
 But the weaving was a pleasure. As Rosamar says: this is the cherry on the top of a cake. 
Weaving in progress

Here it is my work.
The whole trim

Details of the trim

  I think this hexagonal trim isn't my last one, but I have to prepare better tablets. Definitely.