niedziela, 29 grudnia 2013

The Art of A Needle And Threads

I have embroidered since I was eight. One of my first passion was Kashubian designs. And it still is. In 1209 Duke of Pomerania Mestwin I established Norbertine monastery in Żukowo. Nuns decorated chasubles and tablecloths of altars and taught girls from Kashubian villages embroidery. In 18th century every noble Kashubian woman had to have a beautiful bonnet covered by specific motifs. That is how Kashubian embroidery began. I use traditional motifs but create my own designs.
Small tablecloth with Kashubian motifs
A pillow for my niece
My medieval bag covered by bonnet pattern
Klaryssa's pouch: Kashubian motifs with ambers and pearls
In ancient Persia some very original embroidery was born: hardanger. The modern name comes from Norway where this kind of embroidery became very popular in 17th century. The traditional Norwegian costume items of clothing, mats, curtains and other are very often decorated in this way.

A Hardanger napkin
 Probably in 17th century some new kind of embroidery appeared: Venice or Richelieu embroidery. To my surprise this kind of embroidery isn't popular in other countries.

A pillow for my niece with a Venice monogram
 Next kind of embroidery which I like very much is English embroidery from 19th century. Very delicate and subtle.

Napkins with English embroidery and needle laces

A small napkin for my sister


A tablecloth for a dressing table with needle laces

 And my last passion is historical type of embroidery. There is a fragment of an Embroidered band from 14th - 15th century in Victoria and Albert Museum. This fragment seems to be the remains of a larger piece, possibly an item of church vestment. I have made it as a pouch.

My medieval pouch made of silk

wtorek, 24 grudnia 2013

The History of One Necklace

A long time ago I saw the portrait of Magdalen Portinari by Hans Memling, 1470.
Magdalen Portinari, Hans Memling, 1470

More I was looking, the more I was convinced I could make this necklace as a lace. (Don't you think it's a word-play? Neck-lace of a lace?)
First try was made of Egyptian cotton-wool with pearls and amber stones.
One of flowers with a pearl and amber stones

One necklace was for ma friend, Klaryssa, second for my sister.

The whole necklace for Klaryssa

But last year another my friend asked me if I could try to make it once again. Of course I agreed, but I changed a little bit. First of all I took the decision to create a bigger one. That was why I knew that I had to use some kind of a jevellery cord not only threads. Rita, who ordered this necklace, gave me quite big pearls and other stones: turquises, corals and much more.

The flower is made by two shuttles. Because I had forgotten how to create them I tried three times. And after several hours all flowers were ready.
During the work of the first flower

All flowers with pearl petals and semi-precious stones centres
Plaitings bettween flowers are made by four shuttles. Unfortunatelly I didn't have enough shuttles that was why I had to unwind threads to pull it through. Believe me, it was an ordeal.
The first part of plaitings
Making the second part of plaitings

But finally the necklace was ready and I was quite glad of the result.
The Portinari Necklace - back details
The Portinari Necklace

I think I will try to make it once again.

niedziela, 15 grudnia 2013

Presents for Winter Holliday

The best thing in doing some handicraft is a possibility to create presents for friends by your own. These gifts are not only unique but heart-made. Here are some tatted jewellery with semi-precious gems.
All photos made by Lady Klaryssa.

The first one: white cotton-wool, pink quartz and yellow nephrite.

The Blooming Japan Cherry

The pendant and earrings made of silk and natural pearls.

Golden Silk and Pearls
  Once again the pendant and earrings: cotton-wool and natural pearls.

Pearly Forgetmenot

And the last set of pendant and earrings: cotton-wool and opals.

Nacreous Rouge

Jewellery for a bride (especially for those who is afraid of wearing pearls during her wedding): cotton-wool and white agates.

The Meiden White

Here is an option for brides who are not superstitious: ecruit cotton-wool and natural pearls.

The Mermaid Necklace

A little bit of Victorian necklace: cotton-wool and amethysts.

The Victorian Lady

Once I was visiting my friend and showed her and her guests these jewellery. One of the ladies told me, her sister was going to marry but, she joked, if she tried to give her such kind of necklaces for her wedding dress, the sister would be indignant. I still regret I hadn't replied: "Normal" jewellery with very expensive and absolutely precious stones could make thousands and thousands jewelleres in this country; such kind of jewellery could make maybe twenty. And that's why this is much more precious than silver, gold, platinum and diamonds.

niedziela, 8 grudnia 2013

It's cold outside (after Xaver - Sven - Bodil Cyclone)

And there is my answer: warm naalbinding socks (handmade yarn and not) and gloves. Mainly for reenactors, but maybe not only. All of these things were made by mammen stich, which is elastic and close enough for such stuff.

For the beginng very delicate gloves:

Shepherd gloves, naturally brown irish wool, spinned on a spindle.

And some not as delicate as previous ones, but very warm.

Shepherd gloves, naturally beige Persian lamb wool, spinned on a spinning wheel.
And there is a pair of very exclusive socks made of wool dyed by my friend, Rosamar.

Socks, dyed in madder Polish mixed wool and Persian lamb wool, spinned on a spinning wheel.
Las, but not least: two pairs of socks a little bit cheaper because made of not handmade yarn.

Socks, Polish mixed wool, spinned and dyed by machinery.

Socks, Polish mixed wool, spinned and dyed by machinery.

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Winter is coming...

And if it is, that's the best time for snowflakes and poinsettia. All of them are tatted lace.
Modest Snowflake
The Princess
Pointed Flake
Small Dancer
Delicate Flake
Round Snowflake
Feathery Flake
Shinnig Snow
Glittering Flake
The Queen
The poinsettia napkin.
And one of its "flower".
Beads make the snowflakes glitter and shine and they look absolutely gorgeus.

Welcome to Wonderland

Making things on your own is like entering the Wonderland. That's why I decided to create this blog to show, what can I do with my hands: lace, embroidery, naalbinding, yarn and more.
If anybody is interested to aquirre anything you can see here, please contact me.

Enjoy yourself.