piątek, 4 kwietnia 2014

Easter is coming - time for eggs!

Easter is coming... (How dificult it is to free from this quoting) It is an old Polish tradition to paint and decorate eggs for this joyfull festival. Sometimes eggs become a real work of art. But after eating all these delicate and beautiful decorates vanishes. My recipe is... a lace ornament! Ornaments made of threads.

The Easter impression

I have made a lot of different patterns, but it is immpossible to show them all. Tere are some of the most beautiful (in my absolutely not objective opinion).

The Rapsody in Blue


The Snowdrop

The Pink Clover


The Spring Meadow

 And the best thing is you have to cut one thread to take the egg out of lace and eat. But lace can be retained for next year.

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  1. As an egg collector I couldn't resist the temptation of having lace eggs in my collection (apart from stone, mineral, wooden etc.), few years ago I got some from Morgiana - the best in my collection! :) My precioussss