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The Queen Mary II art work

I love spinning but sometimes I don’t know what to do with all my spinned wool. I just can’t learn knit or crochet. Long time ago one of my friend lent me a Dutch book about macramé. That was a hit the jackpot! Macrame is a form of textile-making using knotting orginated with Arab weawers in 13th century. Macrame was very popular in Victorian era and among American hippies in the 1970.. I fell in love with macramé although everything was written in Dutch (and I of course don’t know this language except several words which I learned studying this book). So it’s easy to guess that I made some macramé of my spinned wool.
My favourite spindle
Two years ago I spinned by my favourite very heavy (180 g) spindle Polish mixed wool. Then I asked my friend Rosamar to dye it in rainbow colours. The result was absolutely gorgeous. But it was only the beginning of a long, log trip. Next I had to count the length of yarns. It was important if I wanted to knot them in The Rainbow Shawl I dreamed of.
Cut yarns prepared to knot
And the work of knotting started.
The begining of knotting
The shawl in progress
 It took me one week of work but the result was very satisfying. That’s it. The Rainbow Shawl.
Almost done
Last summer it found it’s fan who fell in love with this beautiful shawl.
The Rainbow Shawl

Last year I decided to buy some camel wool. I wanted to use it for some Kipchak staff (a bag or a hat) but this wool was so soft and delicate and tempted me so much that I couldn’t resist and I spinned it using my heavy spindle. Then I knotted it in a special kind of shawl (it looks rather like scarf: very narrow and long).
Knots of a camel scarf
The camel scarf in it's magnificence
 My last finished work is little pouch made of cotton-wool in beautiful lilac colour.
A lilac pouch
Now I'm working with another pouch. This time it looks like a lace. It will be a pouch for a bride.
A bride pouch in progress
Doesn't it look like a lace?
In 17th century Mary II - the Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland saw macrame. She learned making it and then taught her ladies-in-waiting. Who else has fallen in love with this kind of work as Queen Mary and me?

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  1. It's absolutely gorgeous but on the other hand I can't imagine how you do it, some threads here, some there and here is such an incredible shawl or pouch!
    I almost consider to find someone to marry in order to carry in this "happy day" such a pouch :)