wtorek, 14 stycznia 2014

The Necklace for Blood Countess

She was one of ten greatest criminal in the history. For some people she is the tenth one. However, she was also the niece of Polish king, the Hungarian countess, very well educated, unusually beautiful and she had quite extraordinary passion. She is remembered as Blood Countess and Vampire. She tortured her servants, she is supposed to murder about 650 people. She is believed to take baths in blood to be forever young. Because all of these she was immured in her own castle to her death.
The portrait of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory from 1585
This winter I decided to create The Necklace for Elizabeth Bathory.
The whole set: necklace and earrings
It is made of red thread and light orange pearls. The shape of each link resembles gouts of blood.
Links of the necklace
Some of gouts are flowing down a neck.
Gouts flowing down the neck
And there are some in ears.
The blood earrings
The bali clasp if made of silver-like metal. Vampires are reportedly afraid of silver. This metal can imprison a vampire and this Necklace may seize power over some lady as beautiful as Blood Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed.
The silver-like clasp
Today some historians believe all these accusations was Habsburgians' collusion to take Hungary without any trouble. There were some concerns in Viena that Countess could support her cousin in his way to Hungarian throne. But I prefer a legend.

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  1. Marvelous! All vampires and of course all the ladies would be very pleased to purchase such a beautiful necklace, not mentioning the earings. :)