niedziela, 1 grudnia 2013

Winter is coming...

And if it is, that's the best time for snowflakes and poinsettia. All of them are tatted lace.
Modest Snowflake
The Princess
Pointed Flake
Small Dancer
Delicate Flake
Round Snowflake
Feathery Flake
Shinnig Snow
Glittering Flake
The Queen
The poinsettia napkin.
And one of its "flower".
Beads make the snowflakes glitter and shine and they look absolutely gorgeus.

2 komentarze:

  1. Christmas tree with such snowflakes has an irresistible charm. :)

  2. Lady Rabbit can tell something about such a Christmass tree. She's got several tatted snowflakes :)