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The History of One Necklace

A long time ago I saw the portrait of Magdalen Portinari by Hans Memling, 1470.
Magdalen Portinari, Hans Memling, 1470

More I was looking, the more I was convinced I could make this necklace as a lace. (Don't you think it's a word-play? Neck-lace of a lace?)
First try was made of Egyptian cotton-wool with pearls and amber stones.
One of flowers with a pearl and amber stones

One necklace was for ma friend, Klaryssa, second for my sister.

The whole necklace for Klaryssa

But last year another my friend asked me if I could try to make it once again. Of course I agreed, but I changed a little bit. First of all I took the decision to create a bigger one. That was why I knew that I had to use some kind of a jevellery cord not only threads. Rita, who ordered this necklace, gave me quite big pearls and other stones: turquises, corals and much more.

The flower is made by two shuttles. Because I had forgotten how to create them I tried three times. And after several hours all flowers were ready.
During the work of the first flower

All flowers with pearl petals and semi-precious stones centres
Plaitings bettween flowers are made by four shuttles. Unfortunatelly I didn't have enough shuttles that was why I had to unwind threads to pull it through. Believe me, it was an ordeal.
The first part of plaitings
Making the second part of plaitings

But finally the necklace was ready and I was quite glad of the result.
The Portinari Necklace - back details
The Portinari Necklace

I think I will try to make it once again.

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  1. Indeed, it's a wonderful necklace, and I happen to be a very proud owner of the first one, with ambers and pearls, so preciouuuuusssssssss... :)