niedziela, 15 grudnia 2013

Presents for Winter Holliday

The best thing in doing some handicraft is a possibility to create presents for friends by your own. These gifts are not only unique but heart-made. Here are some tatted jewellery with semi-precious gems.
All photos made by Lady Klaryssa.

The first one: white cotton-wool, pink quartz and yellow nephrite.

The Blooming Japan Cherry

The pendant and earrings made of silk and natural pearls.

Golden Silk and Pearls
  Once again the pendant and earrings: cotton-wool and natural pearls.

Pearly Forgetmenot

And the last set of pendant and earrings: cotton-wool and opals.

Nacreous Rouge

Jewellery for a bride (especially for those who is afraid of wearing pearls during her wedding): cotton-wool and white agates.

The Meiden White

Here is an option for brides who are not superstitious: ecruit cotton-wool and natural pearls.

The Mermaid Necklace

A little bit of Victorian necklace: cotton-wool and amethysts.

The Victorian Lady

Once I was visiting my friend and showed her and her guests these jewellery. One of the ladies told me, her sister was going to marry but, she joked, if she tried to give her such kind of necklaces for her wedding dress, the sister would be indignant. I still regret I hadn't replied: "Normal" jewellery with very expensive and absolutely precious stones could make thousands and thousands jewelleres in this country; such kind of jewellery could make maybe twenty. And that's why this is much more precious than silver, gold, platinum and diamonds.

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  1. Looking at these beautiful jewellery, I cannot decide which one is my favourite one, they are all so unique, and you have right, all those pretty golden and silver necklaces from jeweller's are only trinkets.